Rombach's wine-variety


  The local wine of our region as interesting as the landscape...

Our smart wine growers create wonderful wines.
On our menu you'll find many well known winerys of the region.
On of our favourits is the Bio Weingut Gretzmeier.

Bio Weingut Hretzmeier

(Foto: copyright Weingut Gertzmeier)

We are certified for our intersting and well done wine presentation.

Haus der Baden-Württemberger Weine

Badischer Wein

Because any great taste is eternal...

If you find great'll also find good brandys .


Maybe you do not know "Zibärtle" or "Topinambur" but certainly you have heard about the famous black forest cherry brandy.

Barbara Rombach

Your host loves to discover the hidden wine secrets of the region...
and to present all those precious tastes to you!

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