Herr Rombach-Hekele

See how we are cooking for you!


  Our meat, the sausage and our cheeses.
Most of the products we use for our delicous food come from regional producers.

We do not use artificial  flavours or taste intensifiers!

Our sauces, broths, pasta or pies as well as our ice-cream,
everything is freshly self made.

Küchenchef Rombach-Hekele

Treat your body well!
Than your soul will find a good place to stay!

See how we make it !

  Apfelstrudel  (PDF ca. 500 KB)

Küchenchef Rombach-Hekele

Schmeck den Sueden              Euro Toques

Our deer comes from hunters nearby.
Sometimes they are not fortunate - so you will not find any deer on our menu.

Delicious deer-dishes only if the hunter has been succesfull.

Der Küchenchef er Rombach-Hekele
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