Over a 100 years of familiy-tradition


  After a big village fire in the year 1900 the "Gasthof zum Kreuz"
was founded by Josef Rombach and his wife Wilhelmine Kreutz
Even at this time they celebrated in the comfortable rooms big
In the year 1919 the familiy entrerprise was given to the son
Pius Rombach and his wife Theresia Schwär.
In the year of 1055 the first modernisation was done. After the death of Pius Rombach the "Gasthof" was taken over by the sisters Maria, Helene and the brother Bernhard Rombach.

Already the 4th generation

Since 1998 the "Gasthof" is run by Barbara Rombach, Josef's grand grand daughter and by her husband Frank Rombach-Hekele .

Gasthof zum Kreuz

Abbildung um 1930

Under their managemnet several reconstructions and modernisations took place.
They built more guest rooms as well as the popular barn.
The "Krizwirts-Schiere"

The "Gasthof" has been given  affectionally from generation to generation.
Enjoy the creative cooking art of the chef and patron
Frank Rombach-Hekele and the attentive service of the host and owner Barbara Rombach.

Our stile and nostalgique charm and athmosphere make our place very special

Nostalgie Gastronomie

Abbildung 2011
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