Willkommen in unseren Stuben

Rombach's restaurant

    Große Stube Rombach "Große Stube"
Our Restaurant
The bigger room of our restaurant is tastefully furnished with its special
"turn of the century" athmosphere.
It is decorated with old black&white photographs
of the family.
An old fashioned big gold mirror gives this clear and generous room its special charm.

Große Stube Rombach

Verzierter Spiegel
Kritzwirtsstueble  "Krizwirts-Stüble"
The smaller room is a little more rustique and very comfortable.
The wooden benches, old clocks and photographes are very idyllic.

"Um den Kachelofen"
There is also a big tiled stove that invites you to rest in the warmth after a great day of hiking or sightseeing.
Just relax and enjoy!

Such a cosy athmosphere!

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